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Audit & Assurance

Assure your organization’s success in a cohesive environment.

Spend less time testing and more time building. Test issues before they get out of hand.

What can you do?

Schedule your tests

Generate automated test schedules by setting frequencies & defining test plans.

Execute easily

Create and schedule multiple test plans and allocate them to testers.

Classify issues & incidents

Segregate between critical issues and incident fields.

Track progress

Monitor results that matter and never lose track of what is important.


Know More

What you’ll love

Interactive dashboard
Review the status and measure the control & design effectiveness of issues and incidents across different stages via interactive charts.
Streamlined view
Segregate test plans categorically and assign dedicated category managers. Distinguish between important issues and incident fields.
Compliance Integration
Track progress with the status feature to see whether an issue or incident has been logged, is still in progress, has been resolved, closed or reopened.
Real-time alerts
Set remediation deadlines and reminder alerts to ensure that your organization’s issues or incidents are always under control.


faster issue detection and resolution.

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