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Contract Management

Reduce breach of contracts and facilitate efficient third-party vendor management.

Draft, sign and maintain all your contracts from an integrated platform.

What can you do?

Centralize everything

Upload existing contracts as DOCx or PDFs, or start from scratch by drafting a new one, all on a single interface.

Bring in your team

Assign authors, approvers and managers on a categoric level for designated access and seamless collaboration on different contracts.

Get it approved

Define a multi-level approval workflow to reduce proxy and improve turnaround time on contract consent.

Make it happen

Allocate contract maintenance as responsibilities to individuals to guarantee easy execution and timely renewals.


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What you’ll love

Audit trail
Keep track and get access to the different versions of contracts whenever you require.
Electronic signature
Generate your unique electronic signature in minutes and securely sign contracts on the go.
Multi-factor authentications
Add an extra wall of security with distinctive password protection to prevent unauthorized access.
Automated renewal alerts
Never miss a renewal again. Stay updated with real-time notifications to ensure timely restoration of contracts.


reduction in time taken to approve and sign a contract.

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