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Marketing & Sales

Dreams don’t have deadlines but targets do.

So we want you to nail them. VComply helps you ace your marketing efforts and achieve your sales targets on time.

See how sales & marketing teams use VComply for
Go agile with ease
  • Categorize marketing campaigns and create action items within each of these categories.
  • Track progress of your team with automated performance reports.
  • Collaborate about upcoming and ongoing campaigns through a virtual workspace.
  • Coordinate and communicate better through a systemized framework, thus increasing transparency.
[CID-18040002] Weekly Sales Report
  • CREATED ON : 24-Apr-2018
  • FREQUENCY : Every Friday
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Better safe than sorry
  • Identify risks that can jeopardize your position in the market before impact.
  • Measure strategic risks on the basis of impact, likelihood, vulnerability and velocity.
  • Graphically analyze your team’s risk appetite from the dynamic dashboard.
  • Constantly monitor product market trends and consumer behavior to nullify the risk of obsolescence.
Choose Risk Appetite
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Risk Appetite
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increase in campaign coordination and rollout efficiency.

Data Management
Streamlined management
  • Draft and manage vendor contracts, sales agreements, product pricing and marketing policies.
  • Create a contract approval hierarchy to ensure all the relevant people are kept in the loop.
  • Draft surveys to conduct market research and obtain feedback about your product.
  • Allocate assignees for timely management and renewal of internal & external contracts.
  • Sales Contract
  • Service Level Contract
  • Performance Contract
  • Partnership Contract

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