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Make the most of your time.

Launch your integrated GRC program with our 5-day implementation roadmap, all on the cloud.

Quick 5-day Setup
Your time is important. Get up and running in as little as 5 days.
Global deployment team
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Unprecedented Service
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Day 0
Kick-off call
After you sign up for VComply, a member of the Customer Success team reaches out to you via email to schedule the kick-off call. The agenda of this call will be to learn a little more about your organization, the environment and briefly walk you through the rest of the implementation process.
Day 1
Account set up
Post the kick-off call, our team will get cracking on getting you set up and running. This will include:
  • Determining the key users of your account
  • Designating them with roles & permissions
  • Defining your organization structure on the platform
  • Configuring other elements within your account
Day 2-3
Data migration
Our implementation expert will help you transition to the platform seamlessly. Once you’re happy with the basic set up, we will move forward with migrating your:
  • Compliance data & control items
  • Standards & procedures
  • Policies and contracts
  • Information assets & risk areas
You can also choose to do a pilot run with dummy data to ensure you’re fairly comfortable with the platform before you go live. At this point, the account rep would also schedule a time for your first training session.
Day 3-5
Training & Onboarding
We conduct training on three levels to ensure each member of the organization is onboarded smoothly:
  • L1 - This is a custom training provided to the Key Administrator of the account. It will cover basic and advanced functionalities of the platform circled around the usage of the Key Admin.
  • L2 - This session focuses on the use case of a typical Administrator on VComply. This would include training on creating controls, assigning tasks, building policies & contracts etc.
  • L3 - This is the final training session provided to all the users in your account. It will cover the platform from the Assignees’ standpoint and revolve around how they can complete tasks and other reporting functionalities.

Yay! You're all set.

Continued Support

Your account manager will schedule regular check-ins with you and your team to ensure that you get the most out of VComply. Additionally, if you need any assistance, you can always reach out to your account manager via email, or schedule a quick call.