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Policy Management

Unstandardized procedures can cause unprecedented delays. We get that.

Review, benchmark and standardize policies with VComply.

What can you do?

Set clear standards

Draft, upload and circulate policies to standardize procedures throughout the organization.

Team up

Select authors and approvers on a categorical level and ensure effective drafting of policies.

Win approvals

Facilitate faster approvals on policies from different levels of your organizational hierarchy.

Roll it out

Allocate policies as responsibilities and clearly communicate the organization’s standards to individuals.


Know More

What you’ll love

Policy checkpoints
Create policy questionnaires to ensure the policy is indeed effectively read & accepted by the recipients.
Defined privileges
Set user roles and permissions to ensure that the right individuals have the right access.
Audit trail
Conveniently keep track of the changes being made to the policies as distinct versions.
Systemized alerts
Regular, real-time email alerts and notifications ensure that the policies are reviewed and attested on time.


reduction in policy breaches.

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