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Compliance Management 3 Administrators included (Add more at $999/admin/year)

Executive Users ($60/user/year)


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What's included?
  • Governance Dashboard
  • Defined Hierarchy
  • Employee Grouping
  • Responsibility Center
  • Email Domain Integration
  • Due Diligence Room
  • Business Cycle
  • Compliance Framework
  • Time Zone Synchronization
  • Compliance Categories
  • Customizable Notification Sender
  • Compliance Calendar
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Holiday Mapping
  • Compliance Reports
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Non-Compliance Reports
  • Account Activity
  • People Reports
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Entity Reports
  • Document Management
  • Division Reports
  • Audit Facilitation
  • Department Reports
  • Ticket Support
  • Auditor Reports
  • Email Support
  • Risk Analysis
  • Enterprise Management Capability
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage


Integrated Risk Management

What’s included?
  • COSO based risk categories
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Analyze risk areas with a dynamic dashboard
  • Interactive risk register
  • Dynamic risk heat map
  • Assess and plan risk mitigation strategies
  • Invite stakeholders to risk workshops
  • Assurance integration
  • Receive real-time notifications and alerts
  • Collaborative discussion panel
  • Generate risk overview reports
  • Automated RCM reports


Contract Management

What’s included?
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Create categories to segregate contracts
  • Multiple level approval workflow
  • Invite collaborators to contracts
  • Regular renewal alerts
  • Version control
  • Interactive workroom
  • Send contracts for signing
  • Set a contract access code for privacy
  • Electronically sign all documents
  • Multi-factor authentication for added security
  • Set a unique signature use pin for added privacy


Policy Management

What’s included?
  • Design and maintain company policies
  • Create a centralized and accessible policy repository
  • Organize policies in a customizable hierarchy
  • Communicate procedures within the organization
  • Manage policy lifecycle
  • Mitigate risk with accessible policies
  • Automate workflows with notifications and reminders
  • Real-time dashboard


Surveys & Forms

What’s included?
  • Create professional surveys
  • Choose from a diverse library
  • Provide valuable feedback
  • Receive concrete insights
  • Improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Build successful campaigns & accelerate growth
  • Draw meaningful conclusions
  • Make effective decisions


Audit & Assurance

What’s included?
  • Comprehensive assurance mechanism
  • Simplified control testing dashboard
  • Create unlimited test categories
  • Design multiple test plans
  • Select a sample size according to your preference
  • Analyze test results with a real-time dashboard
  • Identify and record control issues from within the platform
  • View issues and incidents as per their current status
  • Set remediation deadlines and reminders

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