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Integrated Risk Management

Managing risk can be scary. Make sure your tool isn’t.

Change the way your organization manages risk. Switch to a tool that ensures non-silo based management and oversight of risk.

What can you do?

Be proactive

Identify risks and safeguard your organization from internal as well as external threats.

Assign risks factors

Compute your risk score by assigning weights to factors such as impact, likelihood, velocity, and vulnerability.

Monitor your risks

Keep an eye on risks and continuously evaluate the existing controls in your organization.

Keep them at bay

Device mitigation strategies for each risk and map them to designated risk control programs.


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What you’ll love

Risk Lifecycle Management
Assess, audit and mitigate the identified risks to reduce their impact and probability of recurrence.
Risk Workshop
Invite co-workers to evaluate a particular risk and derive an average inherent risk score.
Establish tolerance level
Determine your organization’s vulnerability to a particular risk by presetting a tolerance level.
Compliance Integration
Deploy mitigation strategies as controls to keep the risk within the defined tolerance level.


increase in efficiency in deployment of risk mitigation strategies.

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