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For your Legal to
IT teams, & everything
in between.

VComply provides a platform which is diverse & powerful and fits the use
case of teams across the organization.

legal & compliance

For Legal & Compliance teams to strengthen risks & compliance

legal teams
What can they use VComply for?
  • Manage and track compliance across different categories
  • Assess risks, strategize and deploy mitigation controls
  • Facilitate audit and assurance processes
  • Simplify compliance assessments and due diligence surveys
  • Communicate legal policies throughout your organization


Human Resource

For HR teams who champion administration across the organization

HR Teams
What can they use VComply for?
  • Set clear Standard Operating Procedures for your team
  • Map all your contracts with employees and vendors
  • Improve turnaround on contracts with the electronic signature
  • Facilitate the training & development of your workforce
  • Manage all your HR compliances through a streamlined dashboard


Information Technology

For IT teams who obsess over compliance & data security measures

IT teams
What can they use VComply for?
  • Map your IT regulations & controls on a categoric level
  • Detect, mitigate and control IT risks in your organization
  • Communicate IT policies and procedures through a collaborative approach
  • Get insights from your team about IT requirements & feedback
  • Ensure deployment of appropriate guidelines and rules


Marketing & Sales

For Marketing & Sales teams to manage, track and ace their efforts

Sales teams
What can they use VComply for?
  • Create campaigns as separate categories
  • Assign tasks to your team and track deliverables
  • Gather data and drive valuable insights from customers
  • Draft and maintain contracts with different internal and external vendors
  • Track all your sales & marketing efforts on a single dashboard



For Finance teams who love a tool that is agile and fair priced

Finance teams
What can they use VComply for?
  • Meet your organization’s regulatory financial objectives
  • Deploy robust controls to reduce system risks and financial crime
  • Communicate financial policies and procedures
  • Identify, assess and mitigate financial risks before impact
  • Ensure compliance with financial regulations and standards


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