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Surveys & Forms

Put a stop to guesswork. Gather concrete data and drive valuable insights in real-time.

Obtain unbiased answers and fresh perspectives by conducting surveys across your organization.

What can you do?

Build surveys

Design and create surveys with multiple question types using the drag and drop toolkit.

Establish workflows

Assign categoric authors, approvers and managers to define access and facilitate multi-level approval.

Go incognito

Circulate confidential surveys anonymously to get accurate and unambiguous insights.

Get 360° feedback

Obtain valuable insights by conducting surveys across your different user groups.


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What you’ll love

Survey library
Use our pre-designed templates to create and distribute your surveys faster.
Conditional questioning
Link multiple questions and create a logical flow by setting rules & conditions.
Process automation
Automate the survey allocation, response collection and collation process.
Intelligent alerts
Real-time notification and alerts to help you get responses on time.


reduction in turnaround time.

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