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Access compliance
content from a secure,
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Our integration with UCF lets you choose and access compliance frameworks & content, and connect it within your VComply account.
The augmented regulatory environment requires organizations to comply with multiple regulations, standards and internal controls. However, organizations can end up in duplicate efforts due to a lack of planning and oversight, thereby shooting up the cost of compliance.

To help organizations plan and make the most of their resources, VComply offers an integration with the Unified Compliance Framework which helps you in managing the different regulatory mandates of your organization.
What is the Unified Compliance Framework?
The Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®) is the world’s largest library database of interconnected compliance documents and the world’s only commercially available Common Controls framework.
Why should you subscribe to this?
  • Simplify compliance processes
  • Access content at any time without the hassle
  • Browse from over 10,000+ common controls
  • Request authority documents with your account
  • Get a list of the different action items
  • Access over 1,00,000+ individual mandates
  • Ensure compliance with all mandates
  • Get clarity on compliance terms

Take advantage of the UCF integration
and secure your way to compliance!

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