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How does VComply fare against other tools?

Sure, there are other tools to govern your business, but VComply is quite possibly your best bet.

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While other tools…

Are overly complex

Most tools try to do it all and end up rather overdoing it, as a result making it super complex and often very taxing.

Are exorbitantly priced

Stop paying for features that you don’t need. Choose a solution that solves your purpose and doesn’t burn a hole.

Have a steep learning curve

Given the nature of their complexity, they entail a steep learning curve that comes with an added cost. Oops!

Result in a bad user experience

It’s quite natural if you feel exasperated after all this. You’re only human!

Here’s how
VComply fares

  • User Interface with
    ‘You’ in mind

    The simplicity of the platform makes it a cakewalk to manage your organization’s governance, risk & compliance through a comprehensive & effective dashboard.
  • Integrated

    We understand change can be tough, which is why we integrate within your existing workflows so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Economic

    We hate expensive software as much as you! So we follow a very transparent pricing where you pay only for what you need, never more!
  • Scalable

    We like to think of your growth as our own. Build up your plan as you scale in size and usage.
  • Flexible

    You know your organization best and dare we tell you how to manage it! Define workflows on the platform without rigidity.
  • Agile

    We like to get things going quickly. Our 5-day implementation is sure to set you up and get you started swiftly.

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